Have us Pamper your pet

Shampoo Treatment

After we assess your dogs skin and coat needs, We can also accommodate your dogs needs using
hypo-allergenic shampoos or medicated shampoos. All our products are top of the line. We believe in a good clean product over a highly perfumed cheaper product. If your veterinarian has prescribed special products we can use your product.


We may recommend a de-shedding conditioner.
Hypo-allergenic, silky coat, oatmeal or aloe, medicated conditioner.




All our spa baths include a massage to promote healthy blood circulation. Also we our checking your dogs skin to be aware of any concerning areas. Because we really do care about your dog.

Blow out

We fully blow dry your dog with professional-grade blow dryers. NO HOURS IN A KENNEL drying here. Which means LESS STRESS and less time.

Brush out

Some pets may require a de-shed where we
blow-out/remove the unnecessary dead undercoat. This dramatically cools them off and tones down excessive shedding. It will also add shine.


In cases where the coat is extremely matted we have a Humanity vs. Vanity frame of mind. Meaning we want the best for your pet! We only recommend shaving as a last resort for your pets. However we do not want to be excessively pulling on your pets skin if there are several matts. Also sometimes the matts are so close to the skin it is impossible to brush out. We always take time and and use a de-tangler on all our matts to make it less stressful for your dog.


Ears are fully cleaned with a ear wash and plucked if necessary. We want to prevent and check for ear infections.


Nails are filed or cut until they are smooth. If your pet allows.  We can paint the nails for additional charge.

Anal Glands

We express anal glands.


We groom cut standard breed cuts. To just about any special request groom cut. We can even dye your dogs hair for additional cost.

Teeth brushing

We offer teeth brushing for additional fee. It is good to brush older dogs teeth to remove harmful bacteria.

We care for each and every pet as if they were our own.

- Transfurmations

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